Tree Care & Surgery

It can be difficult knowing what is best for your trees, they may need their appearance restored due to damage or disease, maintenance care for good health and structure, cutting back for public safety or simply aesthetic pruning.

Tree surgery is the practice of repairing damaged or diseased trees, but it can also include many additional tasks that can be difficult for the individual gardener to undertake.

We offer a fully insured, safe and professional tree care service for the Berkshire area, serving both domestic and commercial customers. Our services cover a combination of consultancy, climbing, pruning, planting and we are at hand for any advice you may need.

List of Tree Services


Tree reports and inspections, tree surveys and safety audits, management schedules and arboricultural advice.


A regular pruning system to maintain/reduce a tree to a specified height.

Crown Lifting

Removal of a tree’s lower branches to a specified height. Lifting the crown is usually undertaken for public safety or aesthetic reasons.

Crown Thinning

Reducing the density of a tree’s canopy to help reduce wind resistance and allow more light to filter through. Improves the tree’s strength in adverse weather conditions.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the height and/or spread of a tree.


Removal of unwanted tree’s in a controlled and safe manner.

Stump Grinding

Removal of unwanted tree stumps.

Planting & Transplanting

Tree planting and moving of trees.

Hedge Management

Forming and trimming hedges to a specified height/size. We also offer on site logging, tree protection and renovation, root feeding, bracing/cabling and propping. Other pruning works we are able to offer include expert pruning and training of climbers and shrubbery.


Tree surgery is the practice of repairing damaged or diseased trees.

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